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You can find many Denver web development companies, Denver web developers and local freelancers through search engines and local advertising. How do you make the right decision? We can help you with this question by describing our process of creating website for our customers. This way you will have an understanding of a website development process, and you will know what to expect if the development process is different from ours.

Creating custom graphic design in jpg format. Project manager explores customer’s requirements, sites you like, sites you dislike, favorite colors, competitors’ sites. This process usually takes about two weeks. Then we can provide up to two different web graphics for your web site. You can be sure that all of these are custom made and originality of your site will speak for itself. Other companies can offer you a less expensive solution but without any custom work and will use a template of which a million other sites were built. This process does not take long and does not involve originality, which is why their price is low. They can use existing graphic designs and add to it your logo and some other information about your company. You can save money, but very soon you will find another site that looks just like yours. If you don’t need a unique design and need some other work on your website done, we can skip the designing part. In this case, you will not be charged for a design. Our price for your unique design starts as low as $2000. Custom home page and custom templates for website pages (header, footer), no flash.

Our Testimonials You can see examples of the two unique custom designs we created recently:

first unique custom design second unique custom design

first unique custom design second unique custom design

Slicing graphic into HTML code.

To make pictures look alive, we slice pictures and create HTML files. It is important to go through this step with a professional, if you want to see your site working properly in different internet browsers and different screen resolutions. How many companies and developers can promise you W3C validation for HTML and CSS, if their own sites could not pass W3C validation? To check site validation go to

Our price for HTML coding starts at $1200

Content management system (CMS). CMS – is a big help for you. If you have CMS on your site, you can add, modify, and delete pages on your site by yourself. There are a lot of famous CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc. If you are already made a decision, that you need Joomla for your site, we can set this up for you. But very often customers, when it comes to change existing or add new pages to the site, run into problems with Joomla because the process is very difficult. In our practice, a lot of customers want to setup Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress on website and when they need to change contents– it is too difficult for them. We have our own simple CMS system, which is simple and easy to use.

Pricing for a basic CMS setup starts at $3000. If you need to have other features for your project, for example – blog, news, custom shopping cart module, we can find the best solution to fit your need, even develop new features. Our PHP developers are real professionals. If you need something special, just let us know and we’ll create it. For additional custom MySQL, PHP development we’ll charge $60.00 per hour.

Approximate total price (design, html, CMS setup ) is $6200

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